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Aquaman 2 spoiler plot revealed

Aquaman 2 spoiler plot revealed
Aquaman 2 spoiler plot revealed

Aquaman 2 spoiler plot revealed

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom won’t be shown in theaters for about a year, but it has been the center of much conversation recently around DCEU due to Amber Heard’s defamation lawsuit against Johnny Depp.

Recently, DC Films president Walter Hamada stated that Heard did not face any repercussions and was welcome to make filming through this bad situation, although details about the truth remain unclear.

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One of the biggest allegations Heard during the trial was that his role in Aquaman 2 had been shortened, though co -workers and colleagues would be bringing him back for a second solo Aquaman film. I spoke openly about my joy and enthusiasm.

As the trial approached its final stage with both Heard and Depp taking a stand, various stories emerged about the venue in Heard’s next DC tour.

While Heard himself has shared his thoughts on what Warner Bros. is doing with his role due to the ongoing legal battle, other big names in the studio are taking a stand to provide a clearer picture of what actually happened.

Now, in the latest development from testing, an outside consultant has stepped into the stand to add another layer of information to what’s happening, teasing what’s to come in the Aquaman sequel.

Entertainment industry consultant Katherine Arnold took a stand in a defamation lawsuit between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, revealing key plots related to Heard’s role in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom.

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After saying that Heard’s role has been significantly reduced than before, Arnold shared that mine Heard was “in the hospital” at the beginning of the film, during the film’s first acting.

This prevents Meera from being part of the main action sequence that was originally supposed to take place in the final moments of the film.

It seems inevitable that this test will touch on Amber Heard’s position in DCEU, especially since her role in the Aquaman franchise was one of only two credits on her resume over the past four years.

Whether it was some kind of injury or just her recovery from her pregnancy is a mystery, and there are signs to suggest that the actress was largely absent from the rest of the story after the incident.

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Aquaman 2 spoiler plot revealed
Aquaman 2 spoiler plot revealed

With only days left in the trial of Johnny Depp, Heard’s status in Aquaman 2 will remain a mystery at least until the film’s promotional tour begins later this year.

It’s clear that he wants to make the most of his place in the story and time on screen after so much training for the role, but because of this test, there are questions as to whether his reported actions led to Warner Bros. . Strict action against him.

While it appears he was involved in the first act of the sequel, according to this quote, the film’s main screening time may not have included much Heard if he was lying in a hospital bed for unknown reasons.

After that, the actor behind Mera may be able to leave the franchise entirely, which could also depend on the outcome of the trial.

#aquaman 2 spoiler plot revealed #aquaman 2 spoiler plot revealed

Aquaman 2 spoiler plot revealed

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