Kharkiv Tank Repair Plant hit by Russian Iskander missiles: Report 20 Jun 2022

Kharkiv Tank Repair Plant hit by Russian Iskander missiles, Ukrainian War Live Today News, Ukrainian Russia Update June 19, 2022: Ukrainian.....

Kharkiv Tank Repair Plant hit by Russian Iskander missiles
Kharkiv Tank Repair Plant hit by Russian Iskander missiles

Kharkiv Tank Repair Plant hit by Russian Iskander missiles

Ukrainian War Live Today News, Ukrainian Russia Update June 19, 2022: Ukrainian officials said their troops are still working hard in neighboring Sievierodonetsk, Luhansk.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported on Sunday that an Iskandar missile struck a Kalkif tank repair shop.

The situation north of Kalush, Ukraine’s second-largest city, is extremely difficult as Russian troops are trying to fire on the city again, according to Ukrainian Interior Ministry officials.

Meanwhile, Sievierodonetsk, the main target of Moscow’s attack to completely control the eastern part of Luhansk, was again hit by heavy fire and rocket bullets as Russian troops attacked areas outside the industrial city. Said the Ukrainian army.

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A Ukrainian general admitted that his army had suffered a military retreat at the Mettlekin settlement southeast of Sievierodonetsk.

On a rare trip outside Kiv, Ukrainian President Volodomir Zelensky visited the war-damaged city of Mikolive for the first time since the Russian invasion. In the video, Zelenskyy wore his trademark khaki T-shirt, handed out medals, and self-posed with his military personnel.

Meanwhile, Nato’s chief advised on Sunday that the war in Ukraine could last for several years and EU executives should give Kib the status of a candidate to join the block, while Ukrainian troops attacked Russia violently. Said faced with.

Russia attacks Kharkiv tank repair shop with Iskander missile

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, a Russian Iskandar missile struck a Kalkif tank repair shop in Ukraine.

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The ministry also said it had destroyed 10 Howitzers and up to 20 military vehicles in the Ukrainian city of Mikolive, which had been supplied by Western countries in the last 10 days.

Rabat urges a “fair trial” for Moroccans facing the war death penalty in Ukraine

Moroccan national human rights groups have called on Russian authorities to guarantee a “fair trial” for young people seeking death sentences imposed by Ukrainian pro-Russian courts.

Born in 2000, Brahim Sadun, a Moroccan citizen, was sentenced to death on June 9, along with two British men, by a court in Donetsk, a self-proclaimed state capitol in eastern Ukraine.

The trio has been accused of acting as a Ukrainian mercenary following a Russian attack on his neighbors.

Ukraine limits the latest cultural break music from the Russian book Moscow

The Ukrainian parliament voted through two laws that impose strict restrictions on Russian books and music as Kyiv aims to break many of the cultural ties that remain between the two countries following the Moscow attack. did.

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One law prohibits Russian citizens from printing books unless they abandon their Russian passport and acquire Ukrainian citizenship. The ban applies only to those who retain Russian citizenship after the collapse of Soviet rule in 1991.

It also bans commercial imports of printed books in Russia, Belarus, and occupied Ukrainian territories, while importing Russian books from other countries requires special permits.

Russia said the attack on Sievierodnetsk in eastern Ukraine is proceeding smoothly after dominating the suburbs of the city.

“The attack in the direction of Sievierodnetsk is on track,” Igor Konashenkov, a spokesperson for the Russian Defense Ministry, said in a video statement. He said the settlement of Metiolucine in the eastern suburbs of the city had taken place.

“Army in the Russian Federation continues to attack military targets on Ukrainian territory,” he said.

EU Foreign Minister discusses food and energy security in Brussels

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EU Foreign Ministers are expected to discuss the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict on food and energy security in Brussels on June 23-24, prior to the EU Summit.

According to the EU Council, the Foreign Affairs Council will be informed about the current situation and ministers can exchange views on recent events and recent developments in foreign relations.

The council exchanged views on Russia’s attack on Ukraine in light of the European Council’s special meeting from May 30-31, 2022 and the adoption of the sixth package of economic and personal sanctions against Russia. increase.

Britain must have an army that can fight in Europe, says the head of the army

Britain must have an army capable of fighting in Europe and defeating Russia, the new head of the British army was reported to have told the army by local media.

Since the start of Russia’s offensive in February, Ukrainian supporter Boris Johnson has ruled out sending British troops to support Kyiv, but this weekend London will go “long distance”. Warned that he must show his support.

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Kharkiv Tank Repair Plant hit by Russian Iskander missiles
Kharkiv Tank Repair Plant hit by Russian Iskander missiles

Patrick Sanders, who commanded the British Army this month, told the British Army: Including the power of the continent. ”

Russia guarantees continuous gas transportation to Hungary

Russia has promised to continue gas transportation to Hungary, and Gazprom has promised to fulfill its contractual obligations to the country, Foreign Minister Peter Sijart said in an interview with Public Services Radio.

In Russia’s response to Western sanctions imposed on Moscow since the attack on Ukraine, state-owned energy giant Gasprom has cut supply to Denmark’s Olstead and Shell Energy due to a contract to supply Germany with gas. did.

It also cut back supplies to Dutch gas trader GasTerra, along with Bulgaria, Poland and Finland, as it refused to pay for Russian gas in the Louvre under the new Louvre scheme.

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Kharkiv Tank Repair Plant hit by Russian Iskander missiles

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