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Narendra Modi has been invited to celebrate Meghalaya Jubilee : Report 22 Nov 2021

Narendra Modi has been invited to celebrate Meghalaya Jubilee, Babadum tribal village paves the way for Meghalaya's golden jubilee.....

Narendra Modi has been invited to celebrate Meghalaya Jubilee
Narendra Modi has been invited to celebrate Meghalaya Jubilee

Narendra Modi has been invited to celebrate Meghalaya Jubilee

Babadum tribal village paves the way for Meghalaya’s golden jubilee celebrations

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been invited to the state’s foundation day celebrations, when Meghalaya turns fifty on January 21 next year.

Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma announced to the media at the ongoing Megong Festival at Babadum near Tura that Prime Minister Modi has been specially invited to attend the Golden Jubilee celebrations.

“We have invited our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi for our State Foundation Day celebrations to be held next year. We are waiting for a response from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO),” the chief minister revealed.

To launch the Golden Jubilee celebrations, the Konrad Sangma government selected the tribal Garo village of Babadum, 30 km from Tura, giving a strong endorsement about the importance of ethnic and cultural preservation of the tribal lifestyle in the state.

Wine and rice beer brewers from Sikkim, Arunachal and Assam showcase their local products during the Ongonig Megong Festival in Babadum, near Tura.
An un-described tribal village surrounded by rolling hills and a fertile valley filled with abundance of fresh water, Babadum has become the center of attraction for all for the three-day Megong festival, which has opened the doors of Meghalaya’s annual festival. 50 years of the state.

Explaining the significance of the event, the Chief Minister said, “This Megong Festival marks the beginning of our Golden Jubilee celebrations and 75 years of India’s independence.”

Meghalaya will also host three important events during the Golden Jubilee celebrations that will bring national focus to the state.

“We are going to host the North East Youth Festival, National Table Tennis Tournament and North East Cup,” the Chief Minister made the announcement.

Significance of Babadum and Megong

Babadum is one of the oldest tribal villages in the Garo Hills region, whose residents are mainly Songsareks who practice their own tribal religion. It is also a center for the art of making traditional rice beer made from rice and seasonal fruits.

There are two important tribal centers of education in the region which are coming up at Garo Heritage Village, 10 kms from Babadum and 5 kms away from Tribal Research Institute.

Narendra Modi has been invited to celebrate Meghalaya Jubilee
Narendra Modi has been invited to celebrate Meghalaya Jubilee

The Tribal Research Institute, once built, will become the center of culture of various tribal cultures not only of Meghalaya but of the North East. It is planned to open by September 1 next year- coinciding with the birth anniversary of late Purno A Sangma, a political stalwart from Garo Hills, who for the first time took the initiative to set up a center to protect, preserve and promote the tribal way of life. Had it. Life.

Megong orchid is a form of lily found in abundance in the Garo Hills, its leaves and young shoots are a delicacy in local cuisine.

The Chief Minister also said that this festival would be organized every year from now on in the Babadam area as the people of this region have been preserving and promoting their ethnic culture since generations.

The permanent venue for the festival will be at the Tribal Research Institute in Chidekere, which is barely 5 kilometers away.

Conrad Sangma believes, “These festivals help us to preserve, promote and celebrate our culture.”

“Effective Protection of Culture”

The Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Sweden in India, Gautam Bhattacharya has described his maiden visit to the Garo Hills as a ‘pleasant wonder’ to witness the tribal lifestyle for the first time in this part of India.

“I was really surprised to know that there are still ethnic tribes who follow the customs and customs passed down by their ancestors. The preservation of their ethnic life and culture is really impressive,” said Mr. Bhattacharya at the Megong Festival While talking to this scribe said, where he was one of the distinguished guests.

He also took the opportunity to taste the taste of local wine.

On Friday the participants took part in the eating competition of Sakin (rice cake) and Tamarind, traditional games.

Artists of La Gota International Circus lit up the night sky with their extreme acrobatic skills, while young girls from Garo Hills themselves walked the ramp for a fashion show by Arif Mukhim.

Renowned Shillong rapper Meba Ophelia will be on stage for the closing ceremony of the evening.

There will be more music and dance at the festival’s grand finale on Saturday, a fashion show by Tatyana Momin and Krispil Sangma.

Another eating contest – this time Citrus Fruit Chambil and Pork Fat is slated for the final day, which will be followed by a Strongman contest.

Narendra Modi has been invited to celebrate Meghalaya Jubilee

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