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Permanent campus of NIT Sikkim to be ready by 2024 : Report 36 Oct 2021

Permanent campus of NIT Sikkim to be ready by 2024

MOS Subhash Sarkar says the NIT Sikkim permanent campus at Khamdong will be built by 2024.

The NIT Sikkim permanent campus will be completed by 2024 and construction will begin soon, Union Minister of State for Education Subhash Sarkar announced on Sunday. NIT Sikkim has been operating from a temporary campus in Ravangla since its inception.

Subhash Sarkar further said that the construction of the second phase of the Sikkim Central University campus at Yangyang in South Sikkim will also be completed within two and a half years.

NIT Sikkim Campus is being constructed at Khamdong

According to Subhash Sarkar, PTI, “I am happy that the Sikkim government has provided about 100 acres of good quality land in Khamdong, East Sikkim for the construction of the NIT campus.”

“After completing all the formalities, the construction work may start soon. 500 crore has been allocated for this.

“Although 90 acres of land has been acquired, the remaining 10 acres are expected to be acquired soon,” Subhash Sarkar told reporters.

He said the permanent campus of NIT Sikkim is expected to be ready within three years.

The second phase of Sikkim University Campus begins

Subhash Sarkar said, “The other good news is that the first phase of the Sikkim University campus at Yangyang in South Sikkim has already been completed at a cost of Rs 98 crore and interest of Rs 300 crore has been expressed for the second phase. It’s gone. “According to PTI.

“We are hopeful the construction will be completed within the next two and a half years and the campus will be relocated there,” he said.

This year was the 14th year of Sikkim Central University.

How Sikkim is implementing NEP

Permanent campus of NIT Sikkim to be ready by 2024
Permanent campus of NIT Sikkim to be ready by 2024

Subhash Sarkar said that Sikkim has led the implementation of the new national education policy. Reconstruction of individual colleges has been started to introduce multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary courses.

“In order to bring back out-of-school children (OOSC), a curriculum has been developed for primary level and enrollment of these 15 to 18 year old OOSC children in NIOS is underway,” he told PTI.

The Minister was addressing a national conference on ‘NEP 2020: India-Focused Holistic Inclusive Quality Schooling’.

The conference was organized by the Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education, Sikkim, an open school board that caters to different educational needs of different groups of students including secondary, senior secondary and pre-degree level including skills and vocational education. .

“The board was established last year through a law passed by the Sikkim Legislative Assembly. This is the first board to be formed on the basis of the proposed reforms in the NEP, ”said Hemant Goel, chairman, boss, Sikkim, according to PTI.

“Currently, we are teaching skills in 11 trades and are looking forward to adding eight more trades,” he added.

Permanent campus of NIT Sikkim to be ready by 2024 

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